Why should you partner

with me?

I’m a versatile GLOBAL Business Brand Builder who LOVES helping people WIN! I’m available for selected virtual and in-person training and mentoring sessions on diverse topics.

In Marketing 101, they teach you to identify your USP (unique sales proposition). Mine is the fact that I apply a holistic approach to every project. Each person, each business, each brand and each project is different. Developed and honed over 20 years of experience on two continents, Australia and the United States, the diverse toolkit I bring helps to ensure that every solution is targeted, individual and effective.


I was introduced to Renée 10 years ago. I was creating my first website. She was happy to help straight away. She also purchased some of my products and designed my business cards. She’s helped me further with other websites. Renée is great to work with. For any business advertising needs, contact Renée!
Lil Naumovski

A logo isn’t just a hodge-podge of colors, fonts and graphics. It is the encapsulation of your brand identity. An e-book isn’t just a rote conveying of information; it’s an opportunity to inspire, interact and IMPACT another person.

Sometimes you just need help getting UNSTUCK. I’m just the person to assist. I’ve been dubbed “The Dream Pusher” and I am great at finding out why you still haven’t started your business, completed that book or even jettisoned old behaviors that aren’t working. More to the point, I help you move forward with clarity and creativity!

Next Steps…

To start the conversation, email me on info@MsRisingStar.com and let me know what project you need help bringing to life.

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