Why shouldn’t you hire me?

Say what? Yes. I’m serious.

You shouldn’t hire me if you’re not ready to change the world, change your thinking and change your bottom line.

Why should you hire me?

In Marketing 101, they teach you to identify your USP (unique sales proposition). Mine is the fact that I apply a holistic approach to every project. Each person, each business, each brand and each project is different. Developed and honed over 20 years of experience on two continents, Australia and the United States, the diverse toolkit I bring helps to ensure that every solution is targeted, individual and effective.

A logo isn’t just a hodge-podge of colors, fonts and graphics. It is the encapsulation of your brand identity. An e-book isn’t just a rote conveying of information; it’s an opportunity to inspire, interact and IMPACT another person.

Next Steps…

To start the conversation, email me on info@MsRisingStar.com.