Course Correction

img_5156It is amazing how many simple lessons we can get from every single thing we do. I was using my phone to pay a bill as my laptop is acting up. After trying SEVERAL times to log in, I was getting really frustrated.

I KNEW the password was right, but just in case I reset it. And I just KNEW the username was correct so I hadn’t even checked it anymore.

Well, I was pondering my situation when my eyes rested on the first few characters of the username. I suddenly realized that what I thought was an o was really a ZERO‼️


The lesson for me was sometimes we keep pressing so hard to move forward with tools and techniques that we KNOW are RIGHT, but something about it is just WRONG. Or it ain’t working.

We have to learn to really look at things closely and see what it is, not what we want it to be, and then COURSE CORRECT‼️

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