Showing Up

Last night, I did a chill music scope. I started playing some pop and R&B and all of a sudden when one of my Peri friends came on, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to SHIFT into praise and worship mode. And SHIFT we did‼️

We prayed and worshipped and the glory of God consoled and lifted us. He always knows what we need.

Full disclosure, I really was trying to make excuses about not going on. I finally went on around 9 pm my time, but I had been like … the East Coasters are (be!) asleep and I don’t really feel like it … and I’m tired … and I was making alla those excuses.

Suddenly, I heard Matthew 5:37 and I also heard Coach’s “talk” on Thursday’s Mastermind in my mind. If you’ve committed to something, DO IT‼️

Several people kept saying they were glad that I pressed that red button and that they were led to come in to the scope.

I wanted to share this because I am learning it isn’t just about talent or gifts. A lot of what it takes to succeed is SHOWING UP. Even if you practice all year, if you don’t show up for the championship game, how will you win? #pointstoponder

Also, as I said during my scope, it’s not always about you. Sometimes you have to show up to help someone else win‼️

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  1. Missed you this time Ms. DJRisingStar… will see if the replay is still up and work to catch it. Sounds like it was an awesome scope!

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