Review of Big Magic

Earlier this week, I finished reading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by the author of Eat, Pray, Love: Elizabeth Gilbert.
It was an exhilarating exhibition of an author applying some serious thought to how creativity works. Gilbert tossed some paradigms on their head, off a 10,000 foot building, and advised us to throw off the persona of a tortured artist and instead embrace the idea that our art wants to LOVE, not kill or maim, us.

What a concept‼️

She also said that while we are to exert ourselves with dedication to our craft that taking ourselves so seriously is why so many creative people die early. Broke. And broken.

Another thing I loved is the freeing idea that even if what you produce is crap … when we are really passionate about something, we are prepared to even eat someone else’s shi# sandwich.

That’s insane. And deep at the same time.

The Big Magic she described is like eating 12 corn dogs before you ride a rollercoaster, tossing your cookies on the ground, sprinkling glitter on it, photographing it, sending it to the Louvre … and having it being accepted.

That, my friend, is Big Magic. Weird. Wonderful. Wise.

And worth pursuing!

Here’s to the Big Magic in your life.

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  1. Fan-FRICKIN-tastic, my friend!! Awesome yet simple concepts! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the review! 💜😘💜

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