imageMy inner child usually stays on the outside.

My Approach

As much as I love cookies, I do not use a cookie-cutter approach. My goal is to know more about your business than you do. In that way, I can create material that sings and connects with your target market in a new and refreshing way.

My Story

My graphic design career started when I was about five. I created … a purple owl. As I was looking through some childhood artefacts, my eyes swept across an interesting creature. A purple ceramic owl. A few things became clear to me. 1: My favorite color had always been purple. 2: I was made differently … to do things differently. Some things never change.

About Me

Renée Purdie is a Marketing Communications Specialist with over 20 years of professional writing, editing, design and strategic marketing experience on two continents (Australia and the United States). She has a passion for communication that is not only spectacular, but delivers significant ROI.

Renée studied overseas in Australia 🇦🇺 and successfully completed an Advanced Diploma of Business Advertising at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing at Chisholm Institute.

Whether she’s creating business cards, newsletters, websites, social media accounts or full-length books, Renée has a passion for helping individuals and businesses let the world know about their products and services.

Renée is also passionate about online and offline community building. She serves on the Board of Church Women United Tucson in her capacity as their Digital Media Marketing Manager.

For targeted solutions to take your business to the stratosphere and beyond, contact Renée today on 520.999.0573.


Renée Purdie

Founder & CEO

Confession: I might like books more than I like some people.
But not YOU, of course …


Next Step …

The best thing that can happen to a person is to die … full. Full of dreams and unrealized hopes. My fervent prayer for you is that whatever you were created to do … you do. I have been dubbed The Dream Pusher. ✨✨✨ My purpose is help push people into ACTION.


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