About Renée

With over 20 years of writing, editing, design and strategic marketing experience on two continents: Australia and the United States, Renée Purdie is a global brand builder who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs dream BIG and then implement. With professional training in Professional Writing & Editing from Chisholm Institute in Melbourne, Australia as well as a Business Advertising degree from R.M.I.T. University, Renée has worked in a wide variety of industries, including corporations, governmental agencies and non-profits.

Renée’s insights into consumer behavior, brand building and communicating effectively in written and videographic form assist her in crafting creative strategies that yield significant ROI. At the heart of her technique is finding out the HEART of what you do better than anyone else on the planet and helping you hone it, as well as convert it into dollars. In addition, she’s fabulous at connecting you with her clients and other resources that will help achieve win-wins.

Business Evolution

Renée Purdie started her business, Rising Star Designs & Communications, in Australia and registered Rising Star Entrepreneurial Enterprises, LLC in the United States. She initially created her business out of her love for graphic design. From that passion, she created websites, logos, brochures and other brand identity, dispensing marketing knowledge and strategy along the way. Renée still loves creating branding, but is using her own strategy to grow a worldwide team whose only aim is to create world class designs and solutions for both you and your clients. This enables Renée to take on Brand Development and Strategic Marketing clients who want to market their products and services to the world.

Next Steps …

Are you ready? Let’s GO!

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