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Ruminations of a Website Designer
msrisingstar msrisingstar 3 months ago

One of the things I do for clients is eliminate the complexity. They are often overwhelmed and simpl… Read More

Ruminations of a Website Designer
My Grandmother's Table
msrisingstar msrisingstar 5 months ago

My Grandmother's table was always bountiful. There was always a silver sugar bowl there. Mom describ… Read More

My Grandmother’s Table
Touchy Feely
msrisingstar msrisingstar 6 months ago

Watch Incorrect Use of “Feel” Guest Blog Post by Barbara McNichol Often the words selected, either spoken or in writing, aren’t the exact fit for what you mean. Consider these sentences: How ma… Read More

Course Correction
msrisingstar msrisingstar 7 months ago

It is amazing how many simple lessons we can get from every single thing we do. I was using my phone… Read More

Course Correction
Why should I write an e-book?
msrisingstar msrisingstar 8 months ago

There are a lot of reasons to write an e-book. I will add to this post, but I get so many questions about them that I wanted to get this out here today. Here are a few of the reasons to create an e… Read More