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I have enjoyed the products of each and every one of these folks! I’m all about helping the people I know (and love) and also have a passion for assisting small businesses.

When you shop with them, tell them I sent you. I don’t actually get a commission (apart from my Brand Management gig with Dr. Twanna Y’vette Ray, but I wouldn’t represent her if I didn’t believe in her!), but, hey, I might get a nice Christmas card or two! 🙂

If you’re interested in applying to be featured in this evolving buyer’s guide, use the contact form below for product review information. I do not feature products I haven’t tried or seen.

Pamela Henshon, founder of Phnaturals by Pam, is a licensed cosmetologist with over 26 years of experience. She created her amazing, all-natural hair and skin line over a five-year period based on courses she mastered, and research and development. You can purchase her products and commission her for a hair consultation (worldwide) on: phnaturalsbypam.com.

Dr. Twanna Y’vette Ray has a wide range of products, including: custom planners and accessories, digital printables for planners, lip kits and a wide range of amazing classes that you can get officially certified for. Visit her store by clicking here.

Krista Watson is the founder of Anointed Abundance. She produces divinely-inspired and exquisitely crafted prayer books. I ADORE mine so much I tried to get her to make it an EXCLUSIVE, but sadly she didn’t … Here’s the style I ordered. It’s so beautiful. To shop, visit her Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnointedAbundance.



Tonia Haney, the CEO of Diamond Point Creations Enterprise LLC has been in business since 2011. She decided to create all-natural, handmade soaps because she got very tired of getting out of the shower itchy and dry. Her luxurious soap and other body products, including lotion and scrubs bring affordable luxury to your home spa. To order for that special someone (yourself included), visit Tonia’s website: http://www.shopdiamondpoint.com.

Desmond Willoughby (Dez) is a talented craftsman who has created a beautiful, hand-crafted beaded jewelry line. The pieces eloquently speak of his dedication to his craft and his customer service is friendly and professional. I have been blessed to have purchased a beautiful necklace for myself and a bracelet for my Dad. To shop with Dez, visit his website: www.beadsbydez.com.


Rachel Frantz Sutton creates beautiful handmade bookmarks. Her work can be viewed by visiting the Facebook page: Rachel’s Custom Handmade Bookmarks and more (click here). You can also email Rachel directly for more information on: rfrantz2007@gmail.com.




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