Go and Grow Package for Writers Who Want to Win‼️

I wrote an email today to a prospective client who truly inspired me. Usually on a discovery call, I inspire the person, and I believe I did that, but I also received some inspiration to create a program that has been on my spirit for a while.

I receive so many emails and calls from people who are feeling stuck. I see it every day in groups that I’m part of. I read about it online. Writers have this burning desire to share their work with people, but they often don’t know how or they do it in a fashion that is not helping them win.

They may have a website, but it is not inviting. They may have a Facebook page that only has a few likes. They may be writing a book or have completed it, but they are floundering and wondering what to do next. Their friends and family love their story, but they have a nagging doubt: “Are they just saying that they love it?” Or if they’re feeling more realistic, they wonder if they really know enough to give them an informed opinion.

From these things, a program to help writers win was born.

So, I hate those long infomercial lead pages that take four pages to lead up to the price. The introductory price is $197. It will probably be $299 as soon as my self-appointed Coach sees this though so you may want to 📚 quickly! I should probably be charging at least $597. And even then, it’s excellent value!

It will include a website start-up coaching session AND an overview manuscript assessment of up to 6,000 words.

Please believe I don’t say this out of ego, but you would have to search far and wide to find someone as good as I am with editing. You can read my testimonials as it’s probably best to hear from someone else, but let me just share why I’m so confident.

An amazing editor has to know more than just grammar. They have to get a feel for the person. They have to have a grasp of your target market. They have to know that it is not just form, but spirit that they are editing.

Words must communicate. They must connect spirit to spirit.

Editors must be ready to make the tough decisions. Just as you prune a tree to make it grow, so too must you do with a story. Some things don’t fit. Some things must go. From those cuts though, the story begins to flourish.

Let me warn you now that with my manuscript assessment service, you could not pay me enough to not give you my honest, professional opinion. Make sure that you’re ready to hear the truth

To work with me, you are going to need these three things:

  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Passion

If you’re ready to win, email me on info@MsRisingStar.com and we will get the dialogue started.