Hello hello! I’m SUPER excited to be planning my first empowerment conference for the Rising Star Entrepreneurial Enterprises, LLC brand. Let me tell you my vision and my GOALS for the event. I’ve shifted it from this year to next because I plan to bring a WORLD CLASS experience to Tucson that will launch us into other countries.

Vision: For women to come in one way … and leave refreshed, fired up, enhanced and empowered.

Who should attend? Women entrepreneurs who are invested in not only making money, but making life changing impacts on the world at large. I strongly believe we are here for a PURPOSE that was invested in us by God. And I definitely believe, as a wonderful friend of mine (Dallas Gordon) shared with me, that when we start thinking of things that are bigger than us, we truly start to make a SHIFT that will propel us to another level.

It’s not just lip service. When we start understanding that the laws of gratitude and growth are linked, we will really hit our stride. This conference is also for women entrepreneurs who are feeling like they are running full tilt ALL the time, but perhaps aren’t getting anywhere or to that somewhere they want to be. Sometimes we are running HARD … in the wrong direction.

Let’s stop to refocus, recharge and readjust our strategy accordingly. Together, we’re better. Iron sharpens iron.

To register and support the event, visit Eventbrite.

To find out more about sponsorship and vendor opportunities, email inspiration@msrisingstar.com.