Quite simply, I create copy that connects.

Sometimes you need it to be heavy-hitting, in their face, knock them between the eyes.

At other times, you need whisper soft … like a snowflake … or kissing a baby on their cheek as they sleep.

Editing Extraordinaire

Get ready for editing that is no less beautiful than what Michaelangelo created with David:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

As Renée Purdie was the editor of my published book, Peace Presence Power, for over two years, I feel qualified to state how patient and persevering she was in communicating through this time. Renée’s encouragement through positive and constructive feedback was powerful, building confidence in my writing as a first time author for which I am very grateful.

Helen Alcock

Graphic Design

From Instagram graphics to e-books to logos and full-length books, we create designs that connect with your target market. All facets are carefully weighed, including typography (fonts), color, eye-movement analysis, etc.

Strategic marketing and mentoring services

Whether you’re at the beginning of your start-up journey, or you’re a seasoned professional who needs some brainstorming and masterminding, we can assist.

Moving forward!

If you’re truly ready to get it done, contact me.