As small business owners, we are always looking to maximize our “bang for our buck.” We also know that “time is money.”

Over the past year, I have heard from numerous potential clients who are up against the same issue: cash flow.

For that reason, I have introduced my Subscribe to Thrive monthly subscription packages.

What is it?

I am offering the ability for clients to subscribe to an ongoing partnership subscription service that allows me to work with entrepreneurs who want my professional services, but do not yet have a lump sum for their particular project.

The bottom line is, I don’t want lack of money to stop you from making money!

Starter: $25 per month (25 minutes of time per month). For example, for this amount, we could co-create a website and a short e-book or I could proofread and edit your e-newsletters BEFORE your clients see those typos!

Level 1: $50 per month (1 hour of time per month … bonus 10 minutes). For example, for this amount, we could co-create a website, a short e-book and a logo.

Leveling Up: $100 per month (2 hours of time per month) … We could create an amazing branding solution for your small business, including social media covers.

Select your Subscribe to Thrive package by visiting this PayPal link ( and putting in the amount you want to invest in YOURSELF and your BUSINESS.

Platinum: Let’s talk. Call me on 520.999.0573.