Workshops for Writers

I would like to thank Renee for letting God’s grace shine thru her in the form of this writing class. For years I kept things shut up inside of me. Secrets I have never addressed. Scars that never healed. Renee provided a means to open that door by guiding us on how to get our story out on paper! She made the process simple and clear. I feel like I now can open the door and walk thru. By writing I hope to share my story to help others who feel that living for others is the only way to live! Thanks Renee! ❤

Jamilla Davidson

Brand Building & Website Design

I simply cannot say enough about the countless blessings and positive experiences I’ve had with working with Ms. Renée Purdie! Ms. Purdie is one of the most compassionate, professional and thorough website/business/marketing specialists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her work is impeccable! The final products are concise, clear, and truly capture the very essence and uniqueness of the business as well as convey the business owner’s mission and message.

Ms. Purdie is both resourceful and passionate in all that she does. She gives her very best each and every time, with every project! I am highly pleased in having Ms. Purdie as a website developer and business strategist for my business, and I would recommend her services without a doubt.

Renée Purdie is a truly amazing person who delivers on her promises. She is phenomenal both professionally and personally.

Brittney Gandy-Knox, MPH
CEO, Emerge A Better You (EmergeABY)


Renée Purdie, Ms. Rising Star, helped me with my e-Book: Sauces to keep your man! A mini sauce guide. She was efficient and professional. She was very precise and gave me great tips to present my e-book in the best light! I appreciate the “fine toothed comb” look through my book. It’s excellence at its best! Thank you Renée for all of your help to make my e-Book the best!

Charon Garing
“The Anointed Baker”

As Renée Purdie was the editor of my (now) published book: Peace Presence Power, over a period of two years, I feel qualified to state how patient and persevering she was in communicating throughout this time. Renee’s encouragement through positive and constructive feedback was powerful, building confidence in my writing as a first-time author for which I am very grateful.
Helen Alcock


Robert Squires
“Digital Marketing Mogul”

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