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Renée Purdie is a wonderful woman and I am blessed to have worked with her. She provides excellent book editing skills as well as great customer service. Renée is all about making your content pop to your readers. She is also very clear on the vision and purpose of your material and expresses great joy to help you achieve it. There is nothing like working with someone who loves what they are doing, excels in meeting all your needs and does it all in great timing.

Renée is also great at pulling more out of you and even giving ideas that would be appealing to readers. She has worked on many of my projects and I have never been let down. With her professionalism and courtesy Renée has been a great joy to work with.
Devon Goods, Beyond My Diagnosis, bmdsupport.org

Renée, Ms. Rising Star … You are such a gift! I needed to thank you personally for all of your help getting me started. I admit being a new author and entrepreneur I didn’t know where to begin. Firstly, your personable, easy-going, sweet spirit put me at ease immediately. From the very first conversation, I felt that we were old friends. I was able to put things in perspective and hone in on one thing at a time. With regard to getting my brand established and helping me create my web page, teaching me how to update it … I never would have thought I’d have knowledge of such a thing in less than an hour! Your methods of teaching are fantastic!  You’ve been hands on, patient, efficient, extremely helpful and so well versed on the subject matter, that I ALMOST feel I could do it on my own from this point! I say almost because even though you’ve given me the tools that I need to get going and maintain my website, I WANT to continue working with you! 😅😅😅

Ms. Purdie, you are simply amazing! May God bless you abundantly as you’ve done for me and countless others!

Qiana Treadwell


I was introduced to Renée 10 years ago. I was creating my first website. She was happy to help straight away. She also purchased some of my products and designed my business cards. She’s helped me further with other websites. Renée is great to work with. For any business advertising needs, contact Renée!

Lil Naumovski
Your Local Painter and Decorator


Renée Purdie, Ms. Rising Star, helped me with my e-book: Sauces to keep your man! A mini sauce guide. Renée was efficient and professional. She was very precise and gave me great tips to present my e-book in the best light! I appreciate the “fine toothed comb” look through my book. It’s excellence at its best! Thank you Renée for all of your help to make my e-book the best!

Charon Nicole Garing
The Anointed Baker

As Renée Purdie was the editor of my published book, Peace Presence Power, for over two years, I feel qualified to state how patient and persevering she was in communicating through this time. Renée’s encouragement through positive and constructive feedback was powerful, building confidence in my writing as a first time author for which I am very grateful.

Helen Alcock
Author, Trainer and Consultant
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Manuscript assessment

I enjoyed working with you Renee. You were honest and kept your word, and deadlines which was important to me due to past experiences. Your review was thorough and professional and I appreciated the feedback. I would use your service again.

Devonia Reed
Author and Educator


Robert Squires
Success Coach



Renée built my website for Ebboost Fitness. I didn’t know anything about starting a business of my own, but I know that this is something I desired to do. Renée helped me step-by-step and definitely had a lot of patience with me during my adventure into the business world. Not only did Renée build my website, she created a contract, waiver and rate schedule for my business. I couldn’t have made this happen without her. Renée Rocks!!!

Elaine Benson
Ebboost Fitness

I recently started my own company. After a few months, I realized that I desperately needed help. I reached out to Renée and explained what I was looking for. Believe me when I say I am not a “techy” person, but that was okay. She transformed my existing website just as I envisioned. She was quick, warm, patient and efficient, and the site looks great!

Working with Renée was a true pleasure. She guided me through each stage of the design and provided great feedback. I have been telling all my friends about her since my site went live.

If you are looking for a company to help you design or redesign your website and elevate your product, then Renée is the one for you. I couldn’t be happier with the final product and the best part is she remains available to assist me as I learn the process of updating my website myself.

Ms. Purdie aka Ms. Rising Star, you’re phenomenal and a true blessing. Thank you!

Fatima Sherod-Stanley

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