The Last Little Bit

The Last Little Bit: The Power of the Blessing.

Earlier today, I sent a message to a friend of mine with a photo of an almost empty container of these amazing products I buy from my friend Pamela Henshon, the CEO and creator of an amazing natural hair and skin line called pH Naturals by Pam ( get you some!) In fact, I just ordered her new Melodious Mango but I digress. Grin. So. The container is pretty much totally empty and I’m still hanging on to it, scraping out the last little bit. And, yes, they ARE that good!

It reminds me of when I would shake my head at my Mom and my Granny for getting that last little bit of butter off the paper when they were buttering biscuits and whatnot. And Mom would tell me how she used to remember her Great-Grandmother Bi (Bessie Lea) doing the same thing. You sure learn, the hard way, as you get older.

This also reminds me of the story of the widow and her son in the Bible. As she scraped together her last little bit to feed her and her son and she was wondering not where the next was going to come from, but really she was preparing their last meal because she really did not believe there would be any more to sustain them. I’ve been in that season, and not just in a physical sense, but a spiritual and emotional one as well.

During that time not only of lack, but despair, one of the prophets, Elijah, came to her, and of course she had to feed him because she had to show hospitality. I’m imagining her thoughts and the conversation that happened in the kitchen after his rather peremptory request/demand was made.

When you are on your last and you have to give to someone else, a lot of things run through your head and your heart. The grace to give when you have very little shows you the power of the blessing and also where your trust is.

As I write this, I’m not thinking only of the times where I’ve given when I had very little to give, but also the times when amazing people in my life have sown into me. They may have sown from the Land of Plenty or the land of lack. I am appreciative either way. This also goes for the times when people sow into US emotionally, when they have very little to give.

This reflection has emphasized to me that God multiplies out of scarcity. There are the stories of the fish and the loaves, of course, and the two mites. It all shows the power of the blessing. And the blessor.

Thank you Lord for showing me that even when I have very little, you are always there to feed me in the midst of the wilderness. Spiritually. Emotionally. Physically. You are there to give me strength when I have none. I thank you Lord and I love you.

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  1. You spoke to our spirit. When you give out of the kindness of your heart and give when you have nothing to give shows your character. God looks out for his children and will protect his children. Love you sis and keep.letting God use you.

  2. I loooove all of this❤️ It surely is better to give than receive. But it sure feels good when someone bestows an unexpected blessing to you. 🙌🏽 ‘‘Tis so sweet to Trust in Jesus✝️💯

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