I started my vegan journey at the end of August, 2017. While I cannot say it has been totally without challenges, I’m loving it! I’ve shed over 50 pounds, with a lot more to go, but what I haven’t lost is my hunger for amazing flavors.

I’ve been cooking for … about 27 years and while I don’t consider myself to be a chef, I do consider myself to be a great cook. I was a food writer in Australia and developed an eye for tastes, plating and really just being experimental. I don’t really cook by recipe so when people ask me to share my recipes, which happens increasingly lately (!!!), I literally have to reconstruct it from memory.

I created this cookbook with several people in mind. Some of you have asked because you want to try vegan cooking for the first time. Others have asked because you’ve been vegan for a while, but want some new takes on meals. Whatever led you here, I welcome you to … The Well-Seasoned Vegan Cookbook.


  • Introduction
  • Vegan Pantry List
  • 12+ amazing recipes: including breakfast, soups, appetizers, main courses and desserts
  • About the Author

You can purchase your e-book cookbook for $15 by clicking this link: www.paypal.me/msrisingstar/15.

Bon appétit!