About the Publishing Team

Renée Purdie, Founder/CEO


Renée Purdie started the first iteration of RSEE in Australia in 2004. It was called Rising Star Designs & Communication.  She assisted clients with writing, editing, design and marketing. When she returned home to Tucson, Arizona, she created an LLC and started developing a global business with the vision of helping people find their voices and share their stories through innovative publishing, marketing and distribution services.

Renée undertook studies in marketing and professional writing & editing in Australia. She has over 18 years of professional writing, editing, design, business administration and strategic marketing experience. Currently studying at Wayland Baptist University in the area of Math Studies, her next frontier will be her MBA and eventually her Ph.D. She believes in continuous improvement and learning. 

Qiana Treadwell, Managing Editor


Qiana Treadwell is the Coordinating Editor of our awesome editing team. She has had 27 years of focused work in the areas of mentorship, counseling, child advocacy and family and community restoration. Her Bachelor's degree emphasized both Psychology and Sociology with Art as a minor. All of her experiences, and her natural writing ability, have combined to fuel her passion for helping “give a voice to the voiceless.” While she births the 14+ books on her spirit, she's helping others do the same.

DeVon Tatum, Creative Director


DeVon Tatum is a talented illustrator, photographer and actor. With his keen insights, rapport and graphical artistry he creates stunning art for book covers and other visual identity.