Pieces of Me: Love, Lust & Lentils (Paperback)


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This powerful, eclectic book of poetry is a journey from grief to empowerment to love, joy and hope. It also contains insightful commentaries about the presence and influence of the African-American experience in the United States of America. The author shares not only her experiences, but the connecting power of poetry to move us towards understanding and each other.

ISBN: 9781792069512 

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The Well-Seasoned Vegan Cookbook (electronic copy)


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The Well-Seasoned Vegan cookbook is a fabulous way to kickstart your new year! Full of delicious recipes, ways to stock your vegan pantry and cooking tips, you'll be well on your way to achieving your new healthy eating goals.

The author, Renée Purdie, has lost about 60 pounds on her vegan weight-loss journey. A foodie, a food writer and an all-around lover of food, she knows that good for you doesn't have to be boring and it shows in this cookbook! 

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Testimony 1.0 (Paperback)


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Testimony 1.0 is a collaboration of 10 amazing women of God who have  endured much, but triumphed over much with the power of the Holy Spirit  and their own strength. Journey with them as they bravely share their  testimonies in order to not only free themselves from any past bondages,  but also help and heal someone else. To God be the glory! 


The Scoop on Branding (electronic copy)


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This introduction to branding is full of insightful information about the branding development process, along with key marketing information, such as target audience identification. If you're starting a business, or need a refresher course, this is the book for you. It's also a taste of the awesome information you'll receive as a Rising Stars coaching and consulting client.

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