I engaged Renée Purdie as my editor for Peace, Presence Power from Australia. When a deadline was set, she met it. The editing was over a period of 12 months as a result of my taking a great deal of time to complete the last pass of the book. Renée was ever patient and encouraging whilst making constructive comments. She also informed me of links that could assist, such as the different options for printing  and publishing. Our communication on line was excellent and Renée taught me how to use certain editing processes with which I had been unfamiliar. I realise on reflection that at the beginning of working together I should have informed Renée that I needed to be shown step by step how to work on the editing process of the book as well as understand the language of editing such as the last 'pass'. However, whenever I did ask for clarity,  Renée came up with the information and I was able to proceed. It has been a pleasure to work with such a genuine human being.

Helen Alcock

Logo development


What can I say about Ms. Renee Purdie but excellence in motion.  She is a dedicated women with huge ideas and a heart for kingdom building.  Editorial master, logo design, ghost writer and all around good person to do business with.

Hattie Cunningham

Website and email setup


Renée was there at almost the start of my literary career, she not only helped promote my writing but helped set up a personal email address for my writing, I am now an internationally published author with my works published in magazines, ezines, journals & newspapers in 7 countries. I owe Renée big time, she is great to work with & I can't recommend Renée's services highly enough.

David J. Delaney