Rising Stars Empowerment Conference 2019

Are you ready to shine in your business, but need more TOOLS? We got you.

You've heard it before, but THIS really is your year. You know why? You made it to this site! I'm connected with amazing women (people!) and if you're connected to me, you're also connected to God. Get ready!

We'll be creating books, business plans, business contacts and even better bodies!

If any of these things are on your GOAL list, get them on your ACTION list by attending my conference.

You'll even have the opportunity to participate from wherever you are in the WORLD! We have #tech!

There's literally no reason for you not to participate. You can plug in from ANYWHERE, at any level. We will meet you where you are. Talk to me on renee@risingstardesigns.com.au if you have special needs or requests and we'll see what we can do.

Conference offerings

for vendor and sponsorship opportunities, email info@msrisingstar.com.

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It's time for you to move forward and LEVEL UP!